Let's talk about Epson Salts

I know this sounds like a very small and weak beginning, but I found it fascinating (doesn't take much to interest me :) when I did research on the Epsom Salts I add to my specially blended bath salts.

Did you know that a cup of Epson Salts added to a warm bath...
1. draws out toxins held in the muscles after a long day
2. helps you relax by pulling stress from your muscles
3. opens pores to purify the skin by removing dirt, stress, and sweat
4. reduces swelling and sooths sprains and bruises
5. relieves pain

You probably knew all of that, but...

Did you also know that Epson Salts...
1. can be used to remove oil and dirt when you can't shampoo your hair
2. restores a sense of well being
3. makes splinters easier to remove
4. helps relievel insect bites, minor rashes and foot calluses
5. leaves skin feeling soft and relaxed

Pretty cool, huh?

One website warned about hot baths (with or without salts) for people with heart trouble, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Check with your doctor just to be sure.

Belinda (who now knows more about Epson Salts that she probably needs to know) :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's at Etsy?

It would be better, I think, to ask who's not at etsy.com. In a field full of friendly, talented, remarkable crafters and artists, I love most those I know from chat. I like it that people say hello when I come in and (sometimes) good-bye when I leave. I like to be amidst all of that positive helping energy. Etsy chatters support each other in their ups and downs and show the work of othes to anyone watching. How cool is that?

HeathensHeart and SojournCuriosities (go to etsy.com, look for their shops, you'll thank me) are having a give away of great items. Their blogs contain riches of the soul and of selling your work... and everything in between...lol. They are both consumate artists. Their products are much sought after and they are always concerned about the quality of their work. And they are both artists of the heart. Check out their contest, but be sure to check out their shops!

My favorite thing about Heathenherth' shop is the amazing variety of soaps and scrubs and scents...so sensual and plush and pampering. My favorite thing about her is how she is always thinking about how to help others sell their work.

More on my favorite estians next time.


  1. I love my fellow etsians as well. It was nice to meet you in the chats the other day.

  2. Do you still wander into the chat rooms?